FREE concert!!! All ages!! This percussion-packed double bill celebrates the extraordinary resilience and creativity of African diasporic culture in the Americas, a rhythmic and spiritual bounty that continues to offer new blooms. Bay Area percussion icon John Santos presents “Roots of Jazz Latino,” a program exploring Afro-Latin musical heritage from a multi-national perspective. His sextet is joined by a dazzling cast of special guests, including Fania All-Stars timbales legend Orestes Vilató and Afro-Peruvian vocalist Marina Lavalle. Not to be missed! See you there!

THE JOHN SANTOS SEXTET: Dr. John Calloway - flute, piano Charlie Gurke - saxes Saul Sierra - bass Marco Diaz - piano, trumpet David Flores - drums John Santos - percussion SPECIAL GUESTS: Shefali Shah - voice, dancer Orestes Vilató - timbales Anthony Blea - violin Bill Ortiz - trumpet Javier Navarrette - percussion Marina Lavalle - voice Braulio Barrera - cajón, coro Pedro Rosales - percussion, coro THE AFRO-PERUVIAN COALITION: Marina Lavalle - voice Nadia Calmet - dancer Javier Trujillo - guitar Eyla Dávila - bass Kyla Danish - violin Braulio Barrera - percussion Pedro Rosales - percussion Handark Lozano - percussion

photo by Tom Ehrlich